Earthflower Spirituality

Follow your Intuition💚

Since, I was a child, I was Highly Empathic. I would, easily cry and cringe, if, one looked or spoke, in a poorly matter to me. Growing up, I used, to hear my mom, say, this a lot to my siblings, be, Gentle with her, she, is, Highly Sensitive.  I remember, when I was five, we…… Continue reading Follow your Intuition💚

Earthflower Poetry

Love the Healer of Life💚

Love, is, the Healer, of Life. Forget, race, sex, country, status, religion, believes and One discovers Love. As, Love encompasses, all these. When, seeing, at life through, the Eyes of love, one, sees, itself. As, our True Essence is of Love. By letting go, of all these, Earthly illusions, one, finds, Oneness. That Spirit, is what,…… Continue reading Love the Healer of Life💚