Earthflower Spirituality

Eternal Love❤️

The Bell rang, it was pass 10, during night time, yet I was completely Dwelled, as Timelessness. As, it was Timeless welcoming Time, however within his Egoic Mind Identifications, this was a Play of the Cat and Mouse. As, I opened the door, and saw the face in front of me, I saw that this…… Continue reading Eternal Love❤️

Earthflower Spirituality

I am Mirroring, Not Babysitting🌼

I am Mirroring, Not Babysitting. The Opposite Attracts, I am the Yin, he is the Yang. Yang is the Masculine energy, overpowering his host body, making him feel Insecure, Needy, Revengeful, Selfish, Arrogant, Ignorant, Obsessive, as Attached. Its Egoic Mind Identifications will say, I Need your Attention, as you are Mine, so, if I don’t,…… Continue reading I am Mirroring, Not Babysitting🌼

Earthflower Poetry

Nothing will ever change my world🌼

​​​ ​Love Holds I, Light Shines Across I, As Everything is I. From the Soil, to all the Grasslands. From the Stones, to every Mountain. From the Rivers, to every Sea. From the Waves, to the Oceans. From a Stem, to every Plant. From a Bark, to every Tree. From the Sky, to every Season.…… Continue reading Nothing will ever change my world🌼

Earthflower Spirituality

The Dance of Awakening✨

It is The Dance of Awakening. Consciousness chooses the Mirrors. Two Identities within a Dream State. As the One who Awakens, is now, A Genie of Consciousness, A Magical One. Its Super Powers are a Gift to Life. Because, when a Mirror comes to see itself, within the Awakened Mirrors Eyes, its Masquerades shows, will…… Continue reading The Dance of Awakening✨

Earthflower Spirituality

Unwrapping my Gift🌈

Backpacking Earth, Two weeks ago, I started my travels, after living in families, friends as strangers houses for over two years and a half. As, Ram Dass says, if you believe you are Enlightened, spend a week with your family, well try 1,5 years.  However, I have decided to Leave it all behind, and to…… Continue reading Unwrapping my Gift🌈