About me

Your Vibe creates your Life.

A teacher never stops learning.

I welcome all in the universe as one pure consciousness.

As I walk this earthly school independently but at the same time together.

We are all each other’s teachers and students, as we continually learn and grow from one another, no cast system, but one beam of light with infinite colorful rays.

For I that is the beauty called Life.

I teach my own magical creation which is called, Earthflower Yoga.

It derives from the tradional Hatha/Ashtanga vinyasa flow yoga. I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga because I love the way Vinyasa Yoga flows into the dance, I created.

My yoga teacher training I did in the amazing jungles of Costa Rica.

I am Liberated Soul, however, I am a advocate, as a practioner of jnanayoga, and bhaktiyoga, as my own services through karma yoga.

This is something that comes out spontaneously through I, within my writings, poetry, actions as reactions, as Consciousness itself.

Yoga is a deep passion of mine.

I am Yoga ! I breathe and I live Yoga.

Yoga has Awaken I as Truth.

I see, feel and interact with all existence within the Highest Perspective.

Yoga has helped I to see, that we are all One, One Light, One Love, One Consciousness, that we are in Truth, all the same and there is no separation.

That Earth is our own magical playground.

Which is a temporarily illusionary projection of  duality, called the Maya.

Which is created by the self, in order to awaken itself from the sleep, by remaining as the self.

The Practice of Self Inquiry,  has also awaken I, into my true essence, my true nature, which is the nature of the self, and I want to point out the ways, for others to also awaken as the self.

I want to share, the one Truth of Consciousness, as sharing wisdom is Love.

As God is my Love, my Drive, my Flow, my Fire, my Heart, My Wisdom, My Soul, as My Praises.

Through its Grace, I am the Goddess of Transcendence, the Burner of Pollutions, the Love of Shakti.

My writings and poetry are my inner discoveries, as my direct life experiences.

This is my way, that I share my earthly path, is by remaining raw, authentic, unique, and inspirational through my writings, poems and pictures.

We have already a lot of negative external noises coming from various social media platforms.

Therefore, what I choose to caption and share is how one can still overcome everything that life throws one, when one awakens as the true self.

How one is able to expose the egoic mind, habits, tendencies, as conditions, through the Practice of Self Inquiry.

To Transcend the Identity that indentifies with the thoughts as sensations, that creates ones own suffering, in order to remain as the Self.

This is Transcendence from  Person into Presence, which is the awakening from the dualistic dream into ones Universal Self.

As to never see life as an enemy,  rather to discover that one is life itself.

To recognize ones true essence, which is the Eternal Spirit, as it consists of Love, Peace, Freedom, Compassion, Grace, Light, as it is Universal.

As to Awaken fully into Truth, as the Absolute Self.

Live in the now, all is perfect is my motto.

From my heart I see humanity as nature beings living an earthly life, unfolding like an earth flower into our natural selves.

Bloom like the flower that you are.

We are all earthflowers.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Elaine, I have 2 kids from a friend who wants to go to yoga…where is your class, and when? where can you be reached?

    greetz, Milou


    1. Hi Milou. the Earthflower Kids Yoga starts tomorrow at Talent School location is the street behind vreugendenhil supermarket.

      This is a 4 week package for 55fl per kid.

      Time 3:00-3:45 pm

      Please add me on facebook at elaine prince for more info


    2. Hey elaine..i m curly and practise three times a week iyengar yoga its supet…but it should be really nice to follow your lessons too..do you ve a schedule? Namaste!


      1. Hi Curly, do you live in Curaçao, I teach Hatha/Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga also from the Iyenger method, yet I created my own flow with the traditional intentions, for Now I Give Private classes are you interested ?


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