About me

Your Vibe creates your Life.

A teacher never stops learning.

We welcome all in the universe as one pure consciousness.

As we walk this earthly school independently but at the same time together.

We are all each other’s teachers and students, as we continually learn and grow from one another, no cast system, but one beam of light with infinite colorful rays.

For me that is the beauty called Life.

I teach Hatha/Ashtanga vinyasa flow yoga. I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga because I love the way Vinyasa Yoga flows into a dance.

My yoga teacher training I did in the amazing jungles of Costa Rica.

Yoga is a deep passion of mine.

A part of me is Yoga ! I breathe and I live Yoga.

Yoga has helped me tremendously, in how I see, feel and interact with all existence in Life.

It has helped me to see that we are all One, One Light, One Love, we are all the same and there is no separation.

It is has also helped me to get back to my true essence, my true nature and I want to help others to do the same.

I want to share my love with every other being that I come across each day, this is my goal in Life.

To share peace and love.

To be the peaceful warrior, the one that interacts with all through kindness, compassion, understanding, non judgement, non attachment and love.

My writings and poetry are my inner discoveries through my life experiences.

This is my way of sharing my earthly path with all earth flowers by being raw, authentic, positive, uplifting, loving and inspirational through my writings, poems and pictures.

We have already a lot of negative external noises coming from various social media platforms.

Therefore what I choose to caption and share is how we can still overcome everything that life throws us by awakening to the true self.

By loving the self, by believing in the self and not by seeing life as an enemy but rather by becoming one with life itself.

Live in the now, all is perfect is my motto.

From my heart I see humanity as nature beings living an earthly life, unfolding like an earth flower into our natural selves.

Bloom like the flower that you are.

We are all earthflowers.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Elaine, I have 2 kids from a friend who wants to go to yoga…where is your class, and when? where can you be reached?

    greetz, Milou


    1. Hi Milou. the Earthflower Kids Yoga starts tomorrow at Talent School location is the street behind vreugendenhil supermarket.

      This is a 4 week package for 55fl per kid.

      Time 3:00-3:45 pm

      Please add me on facebook at elaine prince for more info


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