Earthflower Spirituality

Remain Free from all the Unnecessary Earthly Pollutions

On Earth most humans are Uneducated, as they are Born on a Country and knows only about that Country !

Now, if most humans interacted with different cultures, or used their time to gain knowledge on the various topics such as religion, spirituality, sports, cuisine, fashion, the arts, music, dance, atheism, history, science, or traveling to other countries, would certainly expand ones Consciousness Level as Perspectives upon Destined Unfolding of Life.

As the current Media is polluting its Viewers/Readers, in turn this creates an Obsessive/Greedy/Competitive/Controlling/Envious as a Revengeful Society, which follows the Egoic Sheep Mentality.

Its that Simple.

So without even knowing, one is now being daily programmed as manipulated by this Fucked Up Cheap Ass SYSTEM/MEDIA, to judge, kill, manipulate, distrust, as discriminate other cultures, races, ages, believes, ideas, norms, and religions.

All that has to do with SEPARATION.

So when one believes I should watch/read the News to Keep ahead, one is really being manipulated to think/see/act in a certain way.

The millions of commercials that one sees frequently on TV. are created in other to manipulate one, to make one consume/purchase the things that the companies that are able to pay these HIGH PRICED commercials wants.

The “Celebrities” are being paid to manipulate one, and also to be obsessed with them.

This is THE MEDIA.

All goes into ones Unconsciousness, as these “seeds are now planted inside ones mind”. Next time you are saying, Oh I saw this yesterday on Television/Social Media, and I heard its “Phenomenal”, so I must buy it.

Soon after believes one needs certain things that one really does not need, or one sits obsessing with “celebrities” who do not know shit about the real you, neither about their real selves, nor really gives a Tiny Fuck about You !

So one knows where they are on vacation, but one does not even really know where one is in Life !

So, it is up to You to choose, what you watch, listen, as read, and also what you place in your own spacial vibration.

To Remain Free from all the Unnecessary Earthly Pollutions.


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