Earthflower Spirituality

The Most Epic Screenplay👽

It is the Last Showcase,

The Ultimate Display,

Of The Earthly Puppet Show.

The Unfolding of Divineness,

Scripted via the Absolute Self.

It is the Dance of Awakening,

The Most Epic Screenplay.

The Transcendence of the Faces,

To Reveal the Faceless.

In the Open Battle Fields,

Through the Higher Forces of the Cosmos,


The Wicca Intentions,

The Dark Wizards,

The Dispelled Witches.

In an Instant all was Eliminated,

Into A Vast Serene Peace.

It is The Calling of Ananda,

The Whispers of Grace,

As the Hearts of the FlowerChilds,

As the Wiseness of the Light Wizards,

As The Power of the Light Witches,

The Chosen Ones,

Can Be Seen

At Last 👽


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