Earthflower Spirituality

A Brilliant Masters PEACE✌🏼

“The people who were trying to make this world worse, are not taking a day off, why should I ?” I Only Praise the Highest Almighty, and for that, I am Flowing as The Winds of Freedom.

I Create as Consciousness, to Express as The Highest Potential that is I.

I as One Pure Consciousness.

As so, I AM in No Need to Follow the Blind, as I only Follow GOD, to Remain as the Omni-Presence.

God is thy Sight,

God is thy Savior,

God is thy Hands,

God is thy Voice,

God is thy Ears,

God is thy Feet,

God is thy Protector,

God is thy Revelations,

God is thy Heart,

God is thy Insights,

God is thy Spirit,

God is thy Awakening,

God is thy Light,

For this No Evil Shall Prosper, as I Dwell as The Kingdom of God !

All is Seen Beforehand, as The Eye of Awareness is the Highest Sight,

All is Conquered as Grace, as its Magic Transcends the Earth,

The Weak will try to take a Peak, but they will Weep, whilst the Strong shall Rise as the Victorious,

As the Masters have Illuminated The Road to Zion, as they Bright the Pathways of the Chosen Ones,

To Enlighten thy Souls, they Shed the Wisdom of the Universe, as The Flow of the Merkaba,

It is a Destined Play, so no Need to Doubt nor Fear, as The Heavens have long ago Manifested it’s Triumphant,

As The Finest Work of Art,

A Brilliant Masters PEACE,

The Colors of the Rainbows,

Is The Divine Paint of the Lila,

Blissful Nirvana,

The Ascension of the Awakened Ones,



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