Earthflower Spirituality


I am Not of Time, As I am TIMELESS, as so for I, NOTHING IS A TABOO !

As Acceptance of Life Experiences yields Contentment, as Life is Strange/Odd/Different/Weird, and we are of the Mysterious !

Because, One has to be Real in order to Awaken, as One can never Awaken as a Disguised Being.

As I was Never Really Afraid to Show the True Self, Yet at times I did feel the sensations of Fears/Doubts/Inferiority when I needed to post some of my Rawest Expressions !

As the Mind tends to make One afraid in showing Ones True Colors, as Mind is afraid to be judged by others, as it judges itself.

However, both the daily Practice of Self Inquiry/Mooji Satsangs, gave I Freedom from the Psychological Mind, as it Awakened I as The Self.

So in July ‘16, I received thousands of FB Requests, and as I am a Bhakti Devotee I Freely Accepted all friends request, and these came from all over the world.

As so I Opened myself as a Mirror to all, by Sharing my Daily Writings/Msgs/Videos/Poetries/Art/Images, and I also began Expressing the Self Naturally, in the most Raw way, as so the Nature Nudity Expressions came through.

But as I Transcended the Individual Soul (Atman) into the Highest Awareness Self (Brahman), my True Self started to quickly Blossom.

Ironically, at the same time my Yoga Teacher Image got Destroyed, as I was Tested by God, yet Faith/Trust/Love kept I going, whilst being emerged in Satsang !

The Beauty is, as I am Changed from the Inside, my Outwards also Changes, thus, my Environment, Work, Play, People, Followers, Meetings and so on.

So, The Usual became Fiction, and The Unusual is now Factual.

As so my Beloved Ones, For a Month I have been Intuitively Cleaning my Outward Space,

As So as For the Thousands that I have Unfriended/Blocked/Unfollowed, that Sees Life as a Mega Taboo,

Don’t Take I Personally,

Don’t Blame The Innocent Plant Medicine Marihuana,

I am Evolved,

I am Awaken,

As The Highest Potential,

As The Imperishable Self,

I Thank All for the Greatest Lessons,

I am Still Open for Facebook Friends, BUT PLEASE, COME AS YOU ARE, so First, Fuck that Silly Egoic Taboo Mind, as it Creates Seperation !

We are Universaly One.

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