Earthflower Spirituality

The Thrills are Unending⚡️

A Goddess Serves without Expectations,

As The Goddess Devi,

I am the Exhilarating Play of Existence,

This Playground is of the Infinite,

The Thrills are Unending Darling,

I Roam,

I Flow,

I Explore,

I Uncover,

I Expose,

I Unfold,

I Manifest,

I Sing,

I Dance,

I Create,

I Love,

I Nurture,

I Feel,

I Be,

I Serve,

I Pray,

I Share,

I Give,

I Receive,

I Care,

I Master,

I Conquer,

I Awaken.

The Awakenings are Eternal Beloved,

You can Discover I, asThe Expressions of Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati,

The Immeasurable Ocean,

The Abundant Lands,

The Limitless Sky,

The Lambent Sun,

The Lucent Moon,

The Illuminating Stars,

The Vast Universe,

The Mystical Galaxy,

The Bliss of the Cosmos,

The Recreation of Dimensions,

The Luminous Planes,

The Dance of Objects,

The Glorious Parallel Universes,

As the Formless I Project the Performances,

Quantum Psychics is thy Language,

The Flower of Life thy Art,

The Merkaba thy Illustration,

The Phenomenon thy Taste,

Within its Subtleness,

I am Always Here,

Beyond the Mysterious,

As the Everlasting Stillness.


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