Earthflower Spirituality

AS A JAGUAR, I Conquer the Jungles as the Concrete Jungles🐆

It is the Transcendence of The Individual Soul.

Something that the most has no Clue about, as the most are still not at this Highest Reach.

Paradoxically One is, yet the Direct Inward Discovery yields The Awakened Sight !

I was a Truth Seeker since the Beginning of Maya, as I created the Maya to Seek the Self, Fortunately I have Discovered Home.

I am the Same as You, Yet Some still don’t really know this Truth.

I wrote to All Endless Satsangs, Expressing the Transition of The Identity into Consciousness, as I am the Awareness Sight !

During my Decent some try to “Imprison” I, As I can Never Be

A Prisoner,

I AM The Flow of Freedom.

Some Flocks I quickly Outgrew, so they became very Confused to thy Rapid Flight, so False Rumors we’re said about I, Yet Masters are thy Backbone !


Now, even outsiders are having fun with the False Gossip Plague.

As thy False Rumors became thy False Image.

What a Scandal, I Say !

The Masked Faces during my Identified Life, became the Strangers, and the Faceless that I know from thy Soul, are the Self.

I Unfriend, Block, Unfollow, Message, as Comment to Some that Still Cannot See I .

Because, If you can’t Stand/ or Hate/Dislike another, don’t be a Slave of that One, by bullying/stalking/talking shit about them.

However, I DO NOT MIND !

As I do not take You Personally, I Moved On, yet, I just Express thy TRUTH FREELY !


As The Self I am ONE with ALL, and As The Self I am Beyond it All,

As So I Arose as THE SELF.

Because, it is A Blessing to FLY, then to crawl with Groups of Unwanted Truths.

As the Space of the Self, is the Space of the HIGHEST ALMIGHTY, it reaps Endless Love, Wisdom, Peace, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Oneness, Grace and Freedom.

I AM The Artist of my own Radical Expressionist Art.

As So I Thank All for Destroying thy Image of an Illusionary Identity.

I Lost Titles, People, Respect, Clients, Work, Money, Travels, which has solely to do with The Dualistic Egoic Mind, as in Truth I GAINED UNIVERSALITY !

As All are my Mirrors, Yet, PLEASE MOVE ON GROUPIES !


I Conquer the Jungles as the Concrete Jungles,



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