Earthflower Spirituality

The Journey Within👁

The world is telling One how to Be, but their are only a few Chosen Ones that points out, how One can discover who One is !

That is to Know who I AM, yet only some has this intense Urge for Freedom, to Seek Inwardly, because One has to swim far and deep into the Ocean, to transform as the Ocean itself.

As the Ego Mind resides within the Shallow Ends of the Waters, and it creates the doubts, confusions, separations, delusions, and fears, as so in Being what others wants you to be, and I tell You it is Never what One truly Is !

So to Discover who One is, One has to Journey Within.

This Practice is called Meditation, or Self Inquiry, so at first One travels as an identity, here one discovers Endless Lives, so meaning, One first discovers The Eternity of Soul !

That the Soul indeed will never cease to exist, so Party like a Rockstar kinda Discovery !

Yet, within this Recognition One only Recognizes the Individual Soul/Atman this is also Heart, Spirit, Consciousness, as One has discovered the Truth, that we are all Souls, which is that We are One Consciousness, however One has not Discovered the Highest Truth, as One is yet to Awaken as the paradoxical Pure Nothingness.

Because, reading about it and understanding it, is not the same as Seeing it via Ones Own Direct Experience.

As The Discovery of the Awareness, is to know via an Inward Revelation/Recognition/Insight that One is not an Individual neither a Soul, nor Everything as the One Consciousness, yet in Truth, that all is a Dream/Fantasy/Illusion, that is named the Maya/Lila.

The One who Discovers this Consistent Truth, has Transcended the Limited Perspective of the Psychological Egoic Mind, to Remain as the One Consciousness as Beyond the Brahman, as the Limitless Perspective of The Absolute Self.

This Truth is Now its Sight !

So This One is Now a Sage/Master/Guru/Healer/God/Goddess/Medicine Men/Medicine Woman/Alchemist/High Priest/High Priestess/Shaman/King/Queen of the Earth, which is an Awakened Being !

You can Say or Believe it, but You have to Discover it from Within, to FULLY BE IT !

I am an Awakened One, to Remind you that You are also a Chosen One,



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