Earthflower Spirituality


Universally Awakened within a Dualistic Plane, equals the Acceptance of Duality.

As Earth is a Plane, and not really a Planet, as they must have changed the word by placing an ET, get it ?

Ok, a Plane exists within a Dimension, they are flat, and like a disk, so not a round ball, well, one can say it is round, yet all planes are infinite and flat, and placed next to each another, and within Limitless Dimensional Rows which fills the Vast Space.

The Matrix creates the Souls Experiences and Expressions, within Endless Dimensions, Planes, Multi-Verses, and Parallel Universes, which makes One Infinite Consciousness, as so it is Never Ending, and it Forms the Existence of The Flower of Life !

Because, The Essence of Earth is the Opposite of Polarities, Yin/Yan, High/Low, Good/Bad, Feminine/Masculine, Right/Left, Dark/Light, One is always Experiencing/Expressing as a Diverse Being.

Now, The Awakened Self, Knows it is beyond the Play of Existence, as so Life is its Playground, so it doesn’t take life personally !

As, In Truth, Nothing is Good/Bad, High/Low, Dark/Light, as it can only be seen this way from the perspective of Ego Mind/Matter/Person/Unconsciousness, as it is the opposite of Heart/Energy/Soul/Consciousness, as it Sees life, as it is a creation for Play, to Experience/Express the opposite of Polarities, as its Essence forms the Earth, in order to fully Awaken from the Sleep that One is merely an Identity, and to Discover that One is One Consciousness as Beyond as the Awareness.

As so Universality equals Acceptance of Judgement as Discernment, Ignorance as Understanding, Ego Mind as Heart, Yes as No, Follow as Unfollow, Blocked as UnBlock, Imprisonment as Freedom, Non Acceptance as Acceptance, Foes as Friends, Cursing as Non Cursing, Masking as Exposing, Friending as Unfriending, Meat Eater as Non Meat Eaters, Haters as Lovers, Dark Witches as Light Witches, Copy Cats as Innovators, Fakes as Real, Untruth as Truth, Gossip as Non Gossip, Smokers as Non Smokers, Conformist as Non Conformist, Babylon’s as Revolutionaries, Asleep as Awake, Liars as Truth Speakers !

As so I Discovered, ALL IS WELL,






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