Earthflower Spirituality

The Star that Twinkles as your Heart✨⭐️

Mothers are the Harbors of Love,

Their Wombs are a Haven of Life,

Their Eyes are the Guidance to Home,

Their Wisdom are the Teachings of Existence,

As so my Gorgeous Mami, I Treasure the Timeless Universality that is Shed as Us,

Since Forever, I ALWAYS look up to you, AS YOU ARE A COURAGEOUS SPIRIT !

A Soldier as A Devotee of God, with an Enormous Strength, as she is A Beacon of Christ, An Angelic Mom for all Souls, Who also is Very Intelligent, Wise, Clever, Fearless, Respectful, Loving, Graceful, Sweet, Caring, Kind, Compassionate, Peaceful, Witty, and Gifted with the Revelations of The Highest Almighty, as You are a Radiant Goddess !

You are Showering a New Light onto The Earth, and you are Bringing Enlightenment unto the Path of all others !

I Honor Your Infinite Consciousness Self, I am Grateful to the Star that Twinkles as your Heart, as WE ARE ONE FAMILY OF STARLIGHT,


Happy Mothersday, My Queen !


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