Earthflower Spirituality


As I State the Words of Bob Marley,

I Came to CONQUER !

As For I, Jah is thy Hands, thy Feet, thy Heart, thy Soul, as so I Shall Conquer ALL !

All Obstacles or Test that The Highest shall send, I Shall Defeat !

Because, it’s a REBELUTION !

But to Tell Everyone A Joke

Let’s All Laugh a Bit👽

Okay, So here it Goes, But Please Feel as Heart, because, I & I are One Consciousness.

So One Might think that the “Hollywood Stars” so the Ones that One Sees through Ones Little or Big Screens, are all that “Glorious”, just because, they are posing images of their lame ass fame and luxurious lifestyles !

So Let I ask you something, did One ever study Human Behavior ?

Because, I surely did, and this was through my own practice of Self Inquiry, as So no Man rich or poor can say that they don’t feel immense separation, pain nor suffering, in this dimension that expresses and experiences the Opposite of Polarities !

So It is a LIE !

As Money can buy you a Bentley but NEVER LOVE, FREEDOM, PEACE, AND WISDOM !

As Wisdom, Love, Peace, and Freedom is from God, as so One has to Seek the Inner Self in order to Reach the HIGHEST ALMIGHTY !

One has to Transcend the Limited Preprogrammed Egoic Mind that creates the Identity, in order for One to Remain as the Limitless Self.

This Yields Everlasting True Revelations as Salvation !

So If the Shitty Media didn’t tell You about them, then the World would have NEVER know them !

It’s because the Media Continually Propagandize them and Fame is Only what You give your Attention Too, and Not Everyone Shines as Bright as Bob Marley, and John Lennon, as they remain Immortal ! Haha first Joke 😉 Get it ?

Now, They Pretend to Be A Genius, while their Clueless Mortal Posers of the MEDIA, as themselves create the FUCKING MEDIA !

They Pretend to be Poets, while Stealing Wisdom from True Philosophers, to Get More Praises, A BEGGAR FOR FAME !



Second Joke,

Get It ?


Oops Awakening, Scary Eh,


A Fucking Delusional Clown,

Monkey SEE, Monkey DO,

You Look Dumb and Stupid,



I Love You.

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