Earthflower Spirituality

We are One Mad Philosopher👽

It was my Dad, Adhemar Prince, who told I, last year during The Maddest Year of my Life, To Ignore the Ignorant and these words of Wisdom have ever since Enlighten thy Soul.

As my Parents divorced when we were very young, so growing up, I used to see my Father once or twice a year, afterwards quite more often, yet its the life story that was set/unfolded to Us by God, and it is the One that Reaps the Highest Awakening for all involved.

But, But, it’s During the sudden passing of my Dad’s beloved Mother and Brother, as it was also only 3 months apart from each other, is when I decided to Full Heartily Support my Dad, by Giving him The Encouragement, Wisdom, Peace, Guidance and Love that he really longed for.

So this was only 8 yrs ago, and I was 25 yrs of age and he was 52, but we decided to Mend our once upon a time “broken connection” and I realized that it was never really broken, as how could it be, as the Truth is, that we are always One, as the Heart of Consciousness.

The Awesome thing is that my dad also loves to read, and is an Explorer of the Beaches, the Country Side, and loves to Fish.

He is Very Wise, Highly Intelligent, Respectful, Honorable, Funny up to a point of Hilarious gentleman, as is he a Great Being to have a conversation with, because he used to be a typewriter/writer for a local newspaper here in Curaçao, so him and I, sometimes smoke a spliff together, and we can talk for Hours about History, Art, Music, Films, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychedelics, Economics, you just name it !

So this Story shows, that most of the times, Life has a Clever/Unique way to create a Harmonious Miracle within its Sufferings and Pains.

Because, in this Now my Beloved Dad and I are thick as thieves, he is always there for me, and I for him, I love him UNCONDITIONALLY, as My King !

Now, Last Week he Told I, “there is a Thin line between being Mad/Genius”, the odd thing is that I also said the same to myself, Days before..

As so, I Honor the Mad/Genius in Him as I, as we are One Mad Philosopher !

So I Thank God to have placed you on all the various Lifetimes with I on Earth, as I Love You To Infinity and Beyond !


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