Earthflower Spirituality

Wonder Woman👽

We are All Inherited with Psychic Super Powers !

Yet, One can Only Experience/Express it’s Heightened Psychics Gifts if that One Transcends it’s Ego Mind limitations, by remaining as The Majestic Intuitive Power !

As, Thy Magic is of GOD !

Now, Let I Ask You Something,

If I say to you, that All the Accounts that Ive Blocked, That I really know Which “Fake Accounts they habitually use to visit my Social Media Pages from, to Pretend/Stalk/Report/Gossip/Spam, because they Envy/Wish to Be, so they Steal my Artistic Work, and that’s the Fucking Reason that I Blocked their real accounts, or Comment Underneath their Copy Cat Posts, Now, Would You Trust I ?

Because, if you ask the Masked Up Being, that came to tell you that I blocked him or her for “absolutely no reason, I don’t even know her, I don’t even follow her”, “I just saw it on my followings app”, pffff, if they even paid for that application !

Jeez, Come Onnn, Use your Intellect/Intuition/Common Sense, because, who would Even tell another that they Stalk to Steal/Copy Cat other beings Art, or to read or see what I post, to gossip, by using Fake Accounts ? Ha ?! Trust I, only some or NONE !

Also, If the One it is Stalking, advocates against Bullying/Stalking/Fake Rumors/Gossip/Copy Cat/Steal Art, do you think that person has the Guts in this day and age of Fake-Hood to even tell you the Truth ?

Feel this answer, Beloveds Feel, Would even You, allow Your Ego to be spontaneously Exposed in-front of another Being ? In order for one of your Untruths, to be Demolished ?

I say, Yes, it might for some, but usually only for the ones who are Done Suffering/Pretending/Competing/Masking themselves !

As, Most People don’t give a tiny fuck about others but themselves, so they reside within their Intense Shame, of what others might think about them, or its because of their intense Superiority or Minority complex, so this Person would probably never ever take that Mask off in-front of ANYONE, because the Ego would never want it to lose it sense of Image !

So I Exposed A Pretentious One !

Yeah, She’s Crazy Like a Fool,

But Daddy Shiva is Cool, and it will Reveal All with Proof, that I am Wonder Woman.


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