Earthflower Spirituality

Naked Truth👽

I Create thy Sight,

It is a Lucious Bright Light,

Yet, It can Only Be Seen as Forms,

Through the Matrix Eyes.

As Thy Eye is Illuminated,

I See the Wondrous Art of Consciousness.

Thy Essence is Wise,

So I Bring Truth,

To the Wisdom Seekers.

Thy Art is Sooo EXPLOSIVE,

It Blows the Mediocre Minds Away.

Yet, I Wanted to Experience thy Mad Expressions,

The Illusion of Fame,

To Get You All Hooked In,

Such Laughter.

You See,

Magic, is of God,

Light, is of Grace,

Touch, is of Immortality.

I See the Delusional Sitting,

Balled and Chained,

At thy Feet,


I Bow Before You my Teachers,

As You Transformed I,


Like a Puppet on a String,

I Placed you in thy Space,

Your Fingers are thy Fling,

As You Reported thy PURE ART of NAKED TRUTH,

I Exposed the Mortal in You,

A Separated Entity,

Lost for its Self,

Crying for Mama’s Help,

So, I Cut thy Cords,

For I & I,

To Remain, as One.

As Darling,

I AM, Thy Mystical Plays,

As The Mystic Galactic Star Goddess,

I Love You.


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