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The Unclothed temporarily portrayed as Clothed👽

Modern Slavery, something that most do not stand still to Notice.

As now-a-days, most beings live their lives by going through fashion magazines, or by following these Brands or Celebrities, as Models, who are mainly using Social Media, to promote these brands.

Because, these brands Pay or will Gift them with their Unique Collections, so that they are able to promote them, this is Mass Media Marketing, to get One Hooked !

So as an Awakened One, I bring Consciousness Truth, to the Ones who are willing, and open to Read, Listen as to Understand some Basic Knowledge, to Grow from .

As Truth is Freedom, as it is One, as so, it is never Personal, thus, it derives from the Pure Wisdom of Soul.

So let us continue.

In today’s world, the Brands that are adored, are mostly produced through enslavement.

I know, Ouch, yet the Honest Truth.

As when one buys a brand collection, that being might not even know, that it is supporting Modern Slavery.

Because, some companies are producing their collection, by exploiting the third world countries, through intense workforce, in countries such as India, China, and Bangladesh, to name a few.

For example, in China, these workers, are working for 48 hours, and they make little less than 4 US dollars per week.

These Countries, even exploit on Child Labor, these children are not being placed in schools, as any normal child would.

Rather, kids are placed into buildings, which turns these kids into Human Slaves, as they work for years, without even getting paid.

This is what we now consider Modern Slavery and if not Awakened as Truth yet, this Earth will never Change.

Now, Fashion, the creation of Art as Beauty, as wearing it is innocent, it is the exploitation in the third world countries, that is Injustice as Immoral, this Consciousness Morality lays in Awakening as Truth.

To Discover the Truth of who One is, that we are an Eternal Soul, that we are all One, that no Country, Race nor Gender separate us, that all we need is Love, as it Transcends Hate/Greed, and this Truth is already dwelled within ALL,

For Consciousness to Remain as One,

Because of this, I Stand,

As the Unclothed Temporarily

Portrayed as Clothed.

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