Earthflower Spirituality


The most Genius/Brilliant Artists/Writers/Poets/Composers/Philosophers/Inventors, Like Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Pollock, Van Gogh, Basquiat, Da Vinci, Frida Khalo, Galileo, Tesla, Rumi, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Socrates, Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven, just to name a few, created in Solitude, and they had another thing in common, Expressing as Silence.

It is The Immortal Self, It Invents the Uninvented, it Projects the Unprojected, it Manifests the Un-Manifested, it Creates the Uncreated !

These are the INNOVATIONS/ INNOVATORS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, The Infinite Space of Sublime Art, A Spontaneous/Intuitive/Raw/Pure/Free/Organic/Original/Unique Art, Expressed through that particular Soul.

Thus, NOT as the Busy/Confused/Doubtful/Competitive/Hateful/Envious/Jealous/Greedy Mind, as the One that identifies with the Egoic Thoughts, cannot Express as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS !

As it’s Expression is The Act of an Imposter, so it will be a rip off/cop cat, as this Mind Seeks Others Work of Art, to Compare/Compete with, so this One becomes a Mask, as It Steals others Art, to pretend to be that One, but it is NEVER the TRUE SELF !

So The Greatest, are remembered as Heroes, as they Express the Most Magical Art, but it is only after they die, is when they are really Seen as the Expression of Magic, as most of them were Envied, Hated, Mocked, Copy Cat, and some even killed, during their Time on Earth, yet the TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS, by GOD itself !

As some saw them through The Delusional Eyes of Duality, the I am Different/Separate from You, so I need to be Better, it is A Complete Lie, so they are Now known as Liars/Cons/Haters/Backstabbers/Copy Cats, which is basically, the Ego !

As Chosen Ones we incarnate on Earth to Awaken from the Sleep, that teaches us to be a Better Version, Rather than, Just Be as Heart !

So Instead of Following The Mentality of Ego Consumerism, “To be Accepted, Known, Famous, A Millionaire”, Discover The Truth Experientially, that One is Eternal Life, as Beyond as Pure Nothingness.

As This One will not be Remembered as A False Pretender, But as An True Innovator !




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