Earthflower Spirituality

A King for Pacha Mama🌿

Today we are Celebrating the Birthday of my younger brother Ruben, as he Turned 32 years of age, Now because we only differ a year in age, him and I grew up like twins, as we were inseparable, and we still are.

Now, as a 2 yr old toddler I could not repeat the nickname Rubensito, like the rest of my family members did, so I started to call him Tito, and the rest quickly followed.

As Kids, One would always find us playing barefoot outside or running in the woods, and climbing trees.

Now, Since my brother was of a very young age, he created and cultivated his own Garden at our childhood home were we grew up, as he has,

The Sight of a Shaman,

The Wisdom of a Sage,

The Heart of a Knight,

The Light of Consciousness,

The Actions of a Warrior,

As he is A King for Pacha Mama !

Because, you See, when One is Gifted with the Hands of a Healer, a Green Thumb, and a Builder, The Universe will grand One with its Finest Mission, as a He is A Chosen One, A Wise One, as so God did send him this Beautiful Mission, and also the right beings to cooperate with, and to Implement its Long Lasting Manifestation on Earth, as so the Stars were finally Aligned.

It is a Master Plan, which is Set in Motion by the Masters itself, as so I Bless and Honor your Soul my Beloved Brother, I am so Glad that your Dream has come into Fruition, as Zen Farm equals AMAZINGNESS !

My Brother, and 3 other Kings, are creating Zen Farm, which is AQUAPONICS, ORGANIC, NONGMO, NON-PESTICIDES, and fully by themselves, with their own Magical Hands, as they are the Magicians of this Green Operation, so it’s Mega Outstanding !

This will Revolutionize the Food Industry, so the Rainbow Warriors are Started with this Revolution, firstly on the Island of Curaçao !

So, I Thank God to Place you on Earth, as my Brother, because, You are the Very Best, So Happy Birthday, To our Own King of the Family Tito !



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