Earthflower Spirituality

The Maha-Kali🔥

I Took the Last Sip,

Of the Drunken Self,

A Splendid Taste of the Wilderness.

As Nefertiti,

I Explored the Magical Underworld,

I Conquered it’s Spell,

I Transcended the Magic of the Dualistic Forces.

As I Dwelled Deep into the Forest of The Unknown,

The Enchanted Sight of Alchemy,

A Magic of the Highest Divinity.

I am the Sway of the Alchemist,

I Burned All Time Delusions,

To Be this Pure Timeless Self.

I Ascend,

As the Maha-Kali,

The Mystical Fire of Grace,

The Motion of Sensuality,

The Wiseness of a Sage,

The Strength of a Warrior,

The Insight of a Medicine Woman,

The Wittiness of a Queen,

The Light of a Master,

The Glory of Freedom,

The Magic of Eternal Life.

Fear is not my Play,

I am Spontaneity,

I am Heart,

I am Intuition.

I Reign as The Goddess of Transcendence,

The Wisdom of Truth,

The Power of Love.

I am The Awakened Eye,

I Slay the Fantasies,

To Awaken the Mirror’s Eye,

As The Awareness Sight.


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