Earthflower Spirituality

To be Sober, means to Be Living Life as AWARENESS👁

To be Sober, means to Be Living Life as AWARENESS,

So The Ego Mind Programmings has been deprogrammed through Self Inquiry, by The Pure Self.

This is the Discovery of Everlasting Freedom, which is to Liberate oneself from the Psychological Mind.

As so One is Now Living in complete Sobriety of Society and it’s Conditions, as The One Consciousness, as so what Life gives One, is what One fully accepts, as ALL IS LIFE.

Thus, To say I am Sober, in a Dualistic Dimension, will sound contradictory in a Materialistic World.

As the usage of “Drugs” can be any Substance, Beverage, Food, Object, Term, Concept, Idea, Label, Individual, Celebrity, Group, Gossip, Social Media, Magazine, TV Network, News, Online Show, Game, Hacking, and Shopping Center/ Pages, that One is regularly “consuming/consuming One”

As Consumerism is build through the propaganda’s that One continually Sees/Hears, so One as Consciousness, consumes the habitual thoughts/sensations, by identifying with them, as so they become Ones actions/reactions.

So within the grand picture, One can See that Consumerism is “the real drug” and we’re all Users/Addicts !

Now, some things are consumed through the Egoic Mind/Unconsciousness, these are things that has Dark Energies, as so it mostly brings out Untruths/Confusions/Separation/Competitiveness/Greed/Fame Seeking/Revenge/Pain/Anger/Hate/Sufferings, and other things are consumed via the Heart/Consciousness, which are things that has Light Energies, so it yields Truth/Oneness/Freedom/Peace/ Love/Wisdom/Grace/Compassion/Understanding/Clarity, as so Enlightenment.

Yet, none of which is good/bad, or high/Low, as this is Seen and Felt through Ones Own perspective at that particular moment in Life.

As Perspectives always Shifts/Broadens as One is Awakening, yet in Truth ALL is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Because, The Opposite of Polarities, is the Creation of Life on Earth, in order to fully Experience, Express and Awaken from.

Yet, Beyond the Stage of Existence, and the actors that are playing their temporarily roles, resides the Unnamed, Unexplained, Uncensored, Unprojected,

It is the Pure Empty Space of the Self,

Divine Nothingness

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