Earthflower Spirituality

The Illustrious Mary Jane🌿

La Diosa Marihuana,

The Dazzling Goddess Ganja,

The Illustrious Mary Jane,

The Lush Herb of the God,

A Astonishing Being of the Earth,

A Magico Grass that Purifies the Form,

Clearing the Mind of it’s Limitations,

Boosting the Soul unto Limitless Misty Heights,

Transcending the Eyes as the Consciousness Sight,

Grooving as the Rastafarian Movement,

The Spirit of Jah is the LocoMotion of One Love,

Universality is the Essence of Plant Medicine,

Freedom is the Expression of its Presence,

No Government nor Corporations can take over an Innocent Plant,

Sprinkle them Seeds Everywhere,

The Rainbow Warriors Come as Peace,

For a Mystical Dream has Come True,

To Plant the Superlative Healing Seeds,

That Blossoms as Pura Planta Medicina.


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