Earthflower Spirituality

COME AS YOU ARE, it’s The Stairway to Heaven☁️

As One Transcends The Shallowness of the Mind, One replaces Confusions for Clarity !

As these were the habitual Masks that was worn by Consciousness, so it took them to be Real, but Now, The Masks are Seen as Fictional, and The Unmasked remains as TRUTH.

As Since growing up, we were taught what to think, how to act and react” to be accepted in a society”, So we started to wear Masks !

These are The Egoic Mind Delusional Masks.

A Mask of Individuality,

A Mask of Roles,

A Mask of Society,

A Mask of Hierarchies,

A Mask of Behaviors,

A Mask of Culture Conditions,

A Mask of Races,

A Mask of Emotionless,

A Mask of Certifications,

A Mask of Recognition,

A Mask of Politeness,

A Mask of Pride,

A Mask of Expectations,

A Mask of Judgements,

A Mask of Guilt,

A Mask of Competitiveness,

A Mask of Shame,

A Mask of Greed,

A Mask of Fears,

A Mask of Ignorance,

A Mask of Arrogance,

A Mask of Separations,

A Mask of Lies that are The Act of Untruths.

These are The Masks that if Put On, it creates Ones Temporarily Mind Sufferings, that places One on a Stage of False Pretends to be accepted by other False Pretenders.

It is designed and unfolded by God, yet IT IS THE RISE OF CONSCIOUSNESS !

So, when the play of Pretentiousness does not bring Everlasting Satisfaction, One has to take a Leap as the Unknown.

Because, when the Masks of Falsehood is Taken Off, the Faceless Can Now Be Seen !

As the Faceless, Sees as The Awareness, it is The Eye of The Highest Awakened Self, it Sees A Play of Masks, yet itself is Not a Mask !

As the Unmasked one Recognizes itself as the Other, but if the Other is still wearing its Masks, it can’t See itself as One.

As it is Seeing through the Dualistic Eyes of Confusions.

It is when One takes Off it’s Masks, is when all is CLEAR, as One remains as the One Universal Self.

As This Effortless Flow, no Plans or Masks are needed, as it moves intuitively as Heart, within and as the Spontaneous Unfolding of the Cosmos.

For the Faceless it doesn’t matter if the Other can’t still see itself, as it has Discovered that the Masks are Fiction,

As Only the Unmasked is Real,


It’s The Stairway To Heaven.


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