Earthflower Spirituality


Your seeking Love, yet you are Love,

Your seeking Peace, yet you are Peace,

Your seeking Freedom, yet you are Freedom,

Your seeking Kindness, yet you are Kindness,

Your seeking Sensuality, yet you are Sensual,

Your seeking Compassion, yet you are Compassion,

Your seeking Forgiveness, yet you are Forgiveness,

Your seeking Grace, yet you are Grace,

Your seeking Mystic, yet you are Mystical,

Your seeking Abundance, yet you are Abundant,

Your seeking Wisdom, yet you are Wisdom,

Your seeking Romance, yet you are Romance,

Your seeking Light, yet you are Light,

Your seeking Magic, yet you are Magical,

Your seeking Power, yet you are Power,

Your seeking Courage, yet you are Courage,

Your seeking Joy, yet you are Joy,

Your seeking Consciousness, yet you are Consciousness,

Your seeking Life, yet you are Life,

Your seeking Immortality, yet you are Immortal,

Your seeking Truth, yet you are Truth,

Your seeking the Atman, yet you are the Atman,

Your seeking Nirvana, yet you are Nirvana,

Your seeking the Unknown, yet you are Unknown,

Your seeking Silence, yet you are Silence,

Your seeking Stillness, yet you are Stillness,

Your seeking Awareness, yet you are Awareness,

Your seeking the Self, yet you are The Self.

As It is only the thoughts identified with and believed in that makes one think or feel that one is lacking the Self.

So Drop all Needs, and Ignore the Limitations of The Mind,


As One Needs Nothing, as One is already EVERYTHING that One Seeks, and even Beyond the Play of Seeking,


As the Divine Empty Space, as The Limitless Self,



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