Earthflower Spirituality



Ascending means the Expansion of Ones Consciousness Level, until it reaches the Highest Awareness Sight, via a Direct Discovery, through an Inward Journey and it recognizes the Self as the Only Consistent Truth, The ABSOLUTE SELF,

So this path of the Heart, is orchestrated and unfolded via God, and for all human beings to Awaken from whilst they are journeying on Earth.

However, it can take millions of Incarnations on all the various planes and dimensions, before One discovers This Ultimate Sight, yet Reincarnations, Karmas and Awakening will occur until One reaches Nirvana, which is the Space of the Absolute Self.

Ones this Inward Recognition happens One will never have to incarnate again, as One has ASCENDED HOME, and discovered the Consistent Truth of The Self, and that all else is MAYA, A DIVINE DREAM.

Yet, To be Granted with this Sight, One has to Discern, Deprogram and Transcend the Ego Mind.

Because, at first One incarnates on Earth, and thinks it is only a human being, Now why do I say think ? It’s because we are taught to think that we are humans.

As when One was born, no one told One that Ones true name is I AM, meaning I Exist as Consciousness.

Because we Incarnated within the age of Pisces, which was the age of Separation, so the Consciousness of most beings wasn’t still “Heightened” enough, to Be, Feel and See as Consciousness, itself.

Because Consciousness which is Oneself, own identifications with the Ego Mind.

As, The Age of Pisces began after the Civilization of Atlantis, “left” The Earth, and these Atlanteans Ascended as A Higher Consciousness, and are also Now incarnated on Earth, but every soul ascended with a different Sight/Vibration, some higher than others.

Now, The Shift into The Age of Aquarius, equals the Heighten Consciousness Vibrations, which brings Inward Discoveries and Awakening, as we are Shifting into Universal Consciousness !

This Inward Truth, yields Everlasting Awakening.

To AWAKEN from the DREAM, One has to Transcend the Individual, by Emptying The Mind Conditions, to Remain as the ORGANIC SELF, as PURE NOTHINGNESS.

So ONE can now BE, FEEL, and SEE as EVERYTHING


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