Earthflower Spirituality

The Poetic Dream called Life☁️

The Best Detox, is to Fully Detox the Mind, one has to only Ignore all the Thoughts

As the Thoughts identified with creates the temporarily fantasies, ideas, assumptions, judgements, actions, reactions, as sensations.

When all Thoughts are ignored, One Remains as the Natural Self.

The Self is the Awareness, it is aware of all thoughts that comes and goes like clouds, within ones Spacial Vibration, as they are always apart of one.

When practicing self Inquiry, Ones Consciousness Vibrations starts to expand into higher realms, and as the Awareness transcends the identifier, it then remains as the Master of the Mind, which is Highest Awareness, itself.

As Mind cannot live without Consciousness, as only Consciousness is able to give attention, power, and identify with the thoughts, as mind has no power by itself !

It is only Consciousness that can identify with the habitual thoughts, as these identifications ones frequently identified with, will create the pre-programmed Egoic Mind.

Now if Consciousness, believes itself is the stories, culture, ideas, concepts, reactions, actions, thoughts, experiences and theories, it will limit itself as an Entity/Identity/Human/Persona/Personality.

However, as Consciousness/Soul/Spirit which is oneself, starts to ignore the thoughts, one will quickly begin to notice, that they have no true power over one, as there is no one identifying with them any longer, as so no action, reaction, neither sensation will arise, as only silence remains.

Silence means the Self, its the one observing the movements of consciousness, as the Awareness itself.

It does not mean that one does not talk nor moves, it means that one as The Awareness, is the Watcher of the Unfolding Play, yet also a participant, however it is always detached.

So it does not identify with the thoughts from Mind, but it Flows as Heart, so even if thoughts, actions and reactions are needed it will be done spontaneously, intuitively, as Consciousness, yet all is always seen through the Eye of the Awareness,

As the Awareness,

One is always Aware,

That I am Beyond the illusion of Heaven and Hell,

Seeing the Poetic Dream called Life.


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