Earthflower Spirituality

The Sacred Eyes👁

One of the greatest teachings, of Ram Dass that became my own direct discovery, as experience, is to see all of Life through the Sacred Eyes.

Which is the Eye of Love, Peace, Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness, Grace, and Oneness.

As all is a creation of God, as so All is itself.

“So treat everyone you meet as they are God in Drag”

To See all human beings, animals, nature, as the concrete jungle through these same eyes.

To see the food that is being eaten and the drink that is taken through these same eyes.

To see all experiences, as expressions, past, present as future through these same eyes.

As this is the Eye that grands Universality rather then Seperation.

The Eyes of Truth,

To see all as a Mirror that reflects this inward Consistent Truth, that we are One Consciousness.

In the words of one of the Greatest Bhakti Yoga Teachers,

“We are all walking each other home”

Happy Birthday my Mirror, Baba Ram Dass,

I Honor your Eternal Life,

Thank You for your Unconditional Love,

I love you Unconditionally,

We are One,

As the Infinite Awareness Self.


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