Earthflower Spirituality

A Kundalini Rising🔥

The Divine Femininity Expression is Rising through the feminine as masculine forms, yet if one pretends to be standing as this Truth, but one is not Awakened, then one is disguised as an Identity !

As the one says, I am raising the feminist vibrations, to Serve, Love, Nurture, for Harmony, Compassion, Understanding, Strength, Wisdom, Sensuality as Universality.

But one cannot rise as the Purest Feminine Energy, if one hasn’t Deprogram the Psychological Egoic Mind, as it Sees Duality, as the Consistent Reality.

As Mind has a Dualistic programming, so it Sees the Masculine and Feminine Energies, as two separate forms, yet the new age is the Rise of The Consciousness Vibrations !

Because the one that identifies with the thoughts that derives from the mind, projects it’s own fictional reality !

Now, on Earth woman as men, expresses mostly the masculine energy, because of the habit to constantly identify with the thoughts of the ego mind, which has a masculine vibration, as it compares, judges, competes, copy cats, attaches, discriminates, separates, fears, and has greed.

So to shift Mind into Heart, one has to Transcend the fictional Identity, which is by deprogramming the thoughts, concepts, ideas, norms, believes, experiences, and theories that creates it.

As we are Energy Beings, but through the Eyes of a Person, “the human forms” is seen as “masculine or feminine”, yet, ones Spiritual Essence is of both energies yin/yang, as it forms The Individual Consciousness, this is The Merkaba.

So the Rise of Femininity through one, equals a balanced divine expression of both the masculine/feminine energies, as in A Kundalini Rising, it can fully occur in this lifetime or another, depending on ones consciousness level.

The Shift is unfolding as it should, yet, one has to Self Inquire, to discern, and transcend the ego mind, to be able to Awaken as A HEART OF TRUTH,

To Discover the TRUTH, via direct experience that all of Existence is ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, experiencing life temporarily as forms, as Life is the greatest Illusion, which is a dream called MAYA !

So Consciousness can Flow, and SEE as The Eye of Awareness.


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