Earthflower Spirituality

Moon Dust🌕

La Danza de La Diosa de Luna,

The Dance of the Moon Goddess, I express through the creation of Earthflower Flow.

Which is a flow that I spontaneously brought into Existence, in July of 2016.

As through this Flow, I remove past lifetimes as this current lifetime energetic femininity egoic/unconsciousness cords.

Because, these energetic cords that are “connected” one can say, to our spacial vibration, is able to create a temporarily “damp” vibration.

As these are the Incarnated Ancestral Lineage consisting of Low Vibrational Dualistic Energetic Cords, such as of fears, phobias, distrust, and even dark magic that was placed by dark witches, in this lifetime !

So through Earthflower Flow I immediately Transcend the spacial vibration, meaning the Darkness into Light, as I also Transcend the Impurity into its Original Purity !

It is a Flow for the Rise of the Feminine Energy on Earth.

Because as the Essence of Stillness, the Consciousness Light is now dominating the Spacial Vibration, and I remain, as the Natural Movement of Spirit !

Yet, the Earthflower Flow, can be danced both under the moon, and also under the sun, as the unification of the energies of the Shiva and Shakti.

As, these Mystical Vibrations of the Magical Energies, cleanses the “physical” spacial vibration.

It’s own Timeless wisdom enlightens thy soul, with its insights and its endless revelations.

As Earths own Mystical Beings nurturers thy Soul to Shine as Universal Love.

However, through this Flow, as the Mystics of La Luna,

I Flow as Moon Dust,

I am Divinely Bright.


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