Earthflower Spirituality

Zen Farm, Hopi Fresh🌿


It’s Potent Light,


The Rainbow Warriors.

They are the Flowers of Zion,

As Jah’s Love,

Ignites their Souls,

To Express it’s Wisdom.

They are Planting,

Divine Seeds,

To Harvest,

The Purest Greens.

Earth Rejoices,

Peace Flourishes,

As Zen Farm,

Is Hopi Fresh.

This is the Beginning of Zen Farm, as we are working together on the most amazing Mission, to Revolutionize the Food Chain, right here on our Beautiful Island of Curaçao !

As we are bringing the first Non-GMO, Non-Pesticides large scale Hydroponics Farm,

So only Organic Produces for the Islanders !

So my Beauties, The Flowers of Zion are in Motion.


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