Earthflower Spirituality

As Awareness, I am Unblemished✨

When you hate another, it is the self you hate.

As the Recognition of the Self equals seeing all of Life as the One Self.

As the Suffering that one feels derives from the identifications with the Ego Mind.

It is “the Separation” that exists between the Consciousness Self and Heart, as Now Consciousness has become identified with the habitual Thoughts of the Mind.

It says, look at your fucked up Life, how can you keep living like this, and ones identified with the thought, temporarily sensations will arise, but if ones thoughts has become ones identity, one is now expressing these words as it is oneself, and one says My Life is fucked up, I hate myself, I can’t live like this anymore or even I don’t want to Live anymore !

As so this one now sees all outwardly through the same Identified Egoic Eyes of Hate, because as Within as so Without.

I know, because I used to identify with these thoughts of the serpent voice and I once even thought that I was the one who felt this way, as I hated my own Life Stories.

Until, the day that I realized through my own inner search as discovery, that I, as the True Self, which is the Awareness, is apart from the Egoic Thoughts that I once used to identify with.

So I started to Accept my Life Stories as it is, the Darkness as the Light, because it has Awakened I as The Self, and, I needed to fully Transcend the Past Identity, into the Pure Awareness Self.

The day I discovered that I am always detached from the Life Stories, as the Awareness Self, is when I started to see all of Life through the Eyes of Love, as Love.

The simple practice of Self Inquiry, grandes this Amazing Gift, which is The Clear Eyes of the Self.

I had to peal away all the thoughts, that creates the identity out of the True Self, which is Consciousness, by Deprogramming the Mind Programmings.

By Ignoring all the thoughts, ideas, experiences, concepts as theories that created an identity out of I.

Solitude is my greatest treasure, Stillness is my best friend, Wisdom is my Compassion, Intuition is my Compass, the Masters are my Wings and God is my Provider.

As Consciousness, I am Universally Free,

As Awareness, I am Unblemished.


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