Earthflower Spirituality

We are the Same, as One Consciousness✨

Being/Spirit/Soul/ is the same as Consciousness, and equals Love.

Now, the first Indigenous Tribes on Earth, created the native languages to interact with, yet Language keeps evolving through time.

As The term Human Being was created by a scientist, but, it should be “Being Human”, as in Truth we are Beings, which is Consciousness experiencing a Temporarily Human Life.

As, Animal Kingdom, should be “Being Animal”, because all Animals are in Truth Beings, which is Consciousness experiencing a Temporarily Animal Life.

Same goes with Trees, as it should be “Being Tree”, as most have forgotten that Trees are also in Truth only Beings, experiencing a Temporarily Tree Life.

As Plant Beings, is Being Plant, and Soil Beings is Being Soil, and Cloud Beings, is Being Clouds, and As Flower Beings is Being Flowers, and Leafs Beings is Being Leafs, and Fruit Beings, is Being Fruits, and Star Beings, is Being Stars, and Rain Being, is Being Rain, and Mountain Beings, is Being Mountains, and Ocean Being, is Being Ocean.

As it is One Consciousness that experiences as the ALL, meaning everything on Earth is an Infinite expression of the Universal Consciousness/Being/Soul/Spirit.

The Mystical Illusion of Consciousness is the Projection of Matter, as it is seen through the Eyes of the Individual Being as a form/object, yet the Higher ones Consciousness Vibrations, the Higher ones Sight becomes, so one now sees Everything as Beings on this Earthly Plane, so no longer as forms/objects, rather as the Universal Energy of Consciousness.

On this Earthly Plane there are also various elemental beings, which corresponds to the elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire, such as the Gnomes, Leprechauns, Fairies, Mermaids, Dragons, and Angels, just to name a few, these are also Beings experiencing a Temporarily Earthly Life.

The Rainbow Warriors are Preserving and to Conserving Nature as a whole, for all Beings that are experiencing life as Earth.

So there can never be Hierarchy as Consciousness, because Consciousness is One.

As so all that you see/feel is a Being/Soul/Spirit/Consciousness experiencing a Temporarily Earthly Life.

All is a Unique, Raw, and Authentic Expression of the One Consciousness.

We are the Same,

As One Consciousness.

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