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The Evolution of Consciousness🌿

The Evolution of Earthlings, started from the very first incarnation, so the Earthling species has evolved through time as any other species, and the Theory of Darwin helps to See this.

However, The Evolution of Consciousness, also started since the beginning of time, meaning since “the birth” of Consciousness.

On the Dualistic Vibrations on Earth, one Experiences Life Temporarily as a form, meaning the Being which is Consciousness, Experiences as Expresses Life as the humans, animals, nature, buildings, and objects, however, because, Consciousness/Being/Soul/Spirit is solely Energy, everything on Earth is in Truth, Energy based.

We are Energetic Beings, so as Consciousness evolves, so does the forms, as Change is the Only Consistent Truth on the Earthly Plane.

As science has proven that we are Energy, yet we can also see, and feel as Matter, which is the Mystical Expressions of Life.

Now, The Higher ones Consciousness Vibration becomes, the Heightened ones Psychic Abilities becomes, and the Brighter ones Light becomes, as a Beacon of Light.

So the Evolution of Consciousness equals the Evolution of Forms, because the Ego mind Cannot even comprehend, The Endless Evolving Play of Life, as Life is also Consciousness and it is Infinite.

As so the Evolution, which are the Growth, Change, Experiences, as the Expressions of Life, has no End, and not only on Earth, but Consciousness as a Whole on all the Limitless Planes as Dimensions.

As the Highest Almighty Unfolds this Play, so one is just a fraction of the expressions of the many, as the Flower of Life that forms the One Consciousness !

So, The Age of Aquarius is the Shift of Unconsciousness, into Consciousness, as the Expressions of Unconsciousness are based on Duality, and, the expressions of Consciousness are based on Universality, so it is the Transcendence from Person into Consciousness.

Yet, this Destined Unfolding Shift will take its divine timing, it can be thousands of years, however, this is The Golden Age, to Discover Truth Instantly, through The Ultimate Recognition of the Self.

To Remain Universal as Heart, in a Dualistic Play of Mind called Maya.


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