Earthflower Poetry

The Perfect Self✨

I am not Fear,

Neither Fearlessness,

I Transcended the Play,

To remain,

As The Self.


I do not need any Recognition,

I Recognize The Self,

I have Burned the Delusions,

To Observe,

As The Eyeless.


I am the Explorer,

I Rebelled out of the human form,

To Journey Freely Within,

As The Soul Adventurer.


I am Infinite,

I Dwelled as Eternity,

To Discover,

The Eternal Self.


I am The Awareness,

As I Always See,

That I am Everything as Nothing.

I am Laughing as Life,

As I am Witnessing,

The Imperfect Illusion,

Unfolded by the Perfect Self.

As I am Beyond Time,

As Pure Timelessness,

As The Absolute Self✨


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