Earthflower Poetry

Pure Emptiness ૐ

A Truth Seeker,

Transcended as,

The Truth Speaker.


The Alchemist,

The High Priestess,

The Controversial Sage,

The Medicine Woman,


As the Goddess of Truth.

Thy Spirit is Curiosity,

Thy Drive is Endless Discoveries,

Thy Path is Already Written,

Thy Moves are Spontaneous.

Thy Expressions are Not Hidden,

As I See all as a Divine Dream.

I Speak of the UnSpoken,

I Flow as the Unknown.

I Journeyed Inwardly,

The Revelations are of the Highest Supreme,

A Marvel that projects a Marvelous Fantasy.

Only the Brightest,

Have the Soul Wisdom,

To Be, Feel and See,

As the Ageless.

A Chosen One,

Its Essence is Universal Presence,

It is the Expression of Spirit,

As Consciousness.

It is the Sight of Awareness,

As The Absolute.

As Stillness, itself,

Is Pure Emptiness.


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