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Zen Farm is finally Here🌿

It’s Spantenbier, So it’s Celebration Times !

As Today we Celebrated the completion of our roof for the future control room for our Hydroponic Organic Zen Farm.

As my brother, Ruben Prince, which is the Founder of Zen Farm, and Herald Martis, he is the Co-Founder of Zen Farm, Dreams finally came True !

However, this is after 4 years of many Challenges, Turbulences and Tests, yet through Faith, Trust, Humbleness, Wisdom, as Perseverance, the Universe granted them the right investors to make this Miracle Happen.

Because “the Harder the Battle, The Sweeter Jah’s Victory !

So, The Rainbow Warriors of Curaçao are beyond Grateful to the Universe, with its Mission set for us, to Revolutionize the Food Chain, and we are starting here on our home Island of Curaçao !

As Zen Farm is the first big scale Organic Non-GMO, Non Pesticide hydroponics Agriculture Farm on Curaçao !

So we are Witnessing the start of a long waited dream that came true, it shows to all To NEVER EVER Give Up On Ones Dreams !

To Avoid ALL Nay-Sayers, and ALL Skeptics, and to surround oneself with only Dreamers, as they will always Support You,

As Dreamers Manifest their Dreams into Truth,

As You are the Creator of Your Own Reality !

Thank You Curaçao,

As The Flowers Of Zion,

We Come as Peace,

We are One.


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