Earthflower Spirituality

Mirroring through Bhakti Yoga✨

Mirroring through Bhakti Yoga, is also a sadhana that became I, as I started as a Jyana Yogi, and through the practice of self Inquiry, I began the Transcendence of the Egoic Mind into Presence.

This Spontaneously, Opened I to Mirror, as a Bhakti Yogi, so In Nov of 2014, I started Mirroring through my writings, images and as being, yet it was a mission from within.

In April of 2015, I became a Yoga Teacher, I continued mirroring, and my entrepreneurship venture in expanding Earthflower also flourished.

As it was, in March-June of 2016, that I also began to teach Earthflower Kids Yoga, yet a first, it was a bit challenging for I to teach a child of 2, as I couldn’t see the benefits, as the Ego mind kept lurking in intensely, with its Duality complexes.

Yet, I continued with self Inquiry and soon after, one day, as I gazed deeper through the Eyes of a child, I could right then and there transcend the separation that existed in My Mind, so I started to clearly see as reap the many benefits of teaching yoga to a child.

Yet, in was in April of 2016, when I started to experience 3 long months, of dark night of the soul, its when the serpent voice/the Ego, started to torment the individual that I thought I was !

As I was about to take a leap of faith, to go back to Amsterdam, and I didn’t have a secure place to stay, so Intense Old Habits, Fears as Doubts, resurfaced During these months, so the serpent voice kept asking, Where is that God of Yours, and at that time I still didn’t know !

As I was saying the words Namaste, at the end of every yoga class that I taught, yet I wasn’t really feeling One with everyone !

I was experiencing fluctuations of being sometimes in as Presence and sometimes out as Mind, however, I kept practicing self Inquiry through the guidance on the satsangs given by my Guru Moojiji .

When the Dark Nights took I over, I experienced intense Mind identifications so, I began to even doubt my Master Moojiji’s pointings for a very short time, as to if the self Inquiry practice will ever yield everlasting contentment.

Yet, I took the Leap of Faith and travelled back to Amsterdam.

Yet, as I arrived in A’dam the end of June 2016, something within I decided to spontaneously stop teaching yoga, to give reiki, satsangs, as oracle card readings, because my body was so tired, and I still did not understand who was God, so then why do I say Namaste ?

As I was disguised as an individual, so I felt a deep urge to use my time, to only discover the Timelessness.

So at that time I stopped watching Mooji’s satsangs for 2 months, as I still couldn’t grasp the True meaning of who is God, how it was created, and why did it create life, so a mirror at that time advised I, to temporarily change teachers, now because I was Seeing Mooji every single day for the past 2 years, I spontaneously paused from Moojiji’s satsangs for a short while.

Which made I go back to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, and I welcomed some new Teachers, such as Ram Dass, Ramana Maharishi, Anandamayi Ma, Osho and Rumi, so, I started to follow their pointings as lectures daily for many hours on YouTube !

As I continued with Self Inquiry, so I started to Dwell Deep into the Absolute, Now, as I wanted to experience as express true Soul love, I started to mirror all, by seeing all as the Beloved itself.

So I sought the teachings of Ram Dass, which focuses into mirroring all, as for the discovering of the Self, through Everything !

As The Practice of Bhakti mirroring, is to see all of Life, as we are Soul Brothers and Soul Sisters, until the dualism that is seen Transcends into One Consciousness, as so without any desires, fears, doubts, expectations, attachments, judgements, guilts nor obligations, as in Truth all is the Self, so I Transcended anything or anyone that created a needy identity out of I.

Also during those moments, I felt much pain in the body, so I Transcended the ancestral lineage of my body, as I felt intense sensations of pain, and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle yielded great enlightenment, to be able to do so.

Yet in early July of 2016, my Heart led I back to the Direct Pointing’s of my Guru Mooji, as I missed him and, I also had a point of being afraid of him dying and not being able to meet him in “person”.

As, I Dwelled into Truth, I Sensed the Separation between I and my Guru Moojiji, as I had a fear of him passing, So I Transcended the forms, of I and Mooji, into One Awareness.

As with the Bhakti Mirroring, I also sensed duality between I and this specific mirror, as the Dance wasn’t harmonious, as I was giving and never really receiving, so I saw, that the Spiritual Ego has taken over I, as I felt obligated to give without expecting, yet, I still had expectations upon the end results, so I Transcended the forms, into the Energies of Shakti and Shiva, to merge with the Energy of Shiva, as I Transcended the illusion of this Duality, into One Awareness.

So I Transcended Everything, to remain as Nothing, because a seeker does various sadhana’s, to achieve something, yet intellectually I knew, that I am Pure Nothingness, so I had to drop all baggage’s, to fully discover this truth experientially, as the Self.

As Spiritual Ego, is the Highest Spiritual Individual, so I still had, some judgements, expectations, fears, guilts and obligations, yet I discerned this, through a Satsang of Moojiji, as I saw that the one who does the practices, as the inquirer, is not the True Self, because, the Self does not Seek, has guilt, fears, judgements, obligations nor expects, it is the One as Everything, so it needs Nothing !

So, after I Surrendered the Spiritual Individual to God, I Transcended the Ego Mind fully into the Absolute.

So early August ‘16, as I was in Solitude, as the space of the Self, I observed that thoughts High Vibrational as Low Vibrational, forms, the Individual Atman, the lifetimes, planes as dimensions, the One Consciousness, and even the Brahman as the Awareness, are all illusionary, as everything is a Divine Dream, projected by the Absolute.

Grace Touched I, to see this through direct experience, which is the Gift of the Highest Sight of the Absolute.

I See, this Ultimate Truth, and all that I thought was Real, is now Fiction, as I am the Awareness, as the Dreamer Witnessing the Unfolding of a Magical Dream called Life !

Yet, Paradoxically, I am Beyond the illusionary Dream,

As the Consistent Truth,

The Absolute Self.


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