Earthflower Spirituality

Take Time to Discover the Timelessness✨

The Path of JyanaYoga is also a spiritual sadhana, that became I, as I am fascinated by curiosity, I am a discoverer, as so, I Dwelled Deep into Truth, to Remain as Truth !

I was an atheist from age 24 till 25, as I could not grasp the concept of heaven, hell, god and the devil, until the passing of my beloved uncle and grandma, which showed I, that the body is temporarily, and that Spirit is Eternal.

As a previous Truth Seeker, I sought this Truth within the teachings of Darwin, Freud, Jung, Brian Weiss, Micheal Newton, Terence McKenna, Moojiji, Ramana Maharishi, Anandamayi Ma, Eckhart Tolle Ram Dass, Rumi and Osho and, I soon discovered that the inward journey, will Awaken One as the True Self.

So 8 yrs ago, I started journeying within, I discovered, uncovered and decoded many past lives as this life mysteries, and it yielded Unimaginable Consciousness Fruits, yet I needed to Merge into The Highest Truth, to gain insights as revelations, via Direct Experience of the Absolute Self.

When I met my Guru Moojiji 4 yrs ago on YouTube, I discovered that I am a Jyana Yogi, as Jyani’s are the Philosophical, as Scientific types, they are the non-believers, cold, direct, assertive, no bullshitting, in your Face type of Beings, and they will always bring one directly behind the facade of life.

They are Advaita’s, as they don’t really grasp the concepts placed unto us, so these souls search for the True meaning of life, and seek the Highest Sight of the Self, and merge the Individual Atman into the Highest Brahman, they are the Truth Seekers, and their practice is Self Inquiry !

So, the Direct pointing’s of Self Inquiry from Mooji, on Youtube, helped I to reap, Direct Experience into Self Recognition, so a Jyana Yogi follows daily satsangs, these are beings seeking to Discover the Self, so they Expose, and Transcend the Temporarily Egoic Mind, to remain as the Awareness.

An Advaita practices self Inquiry until there is no inquirer left !

It can take 2/3 years, to reach this Highest Sight, so One has to make the sadnana into Ones Priority !

To Discover the Self, One has to Honor the Self, by taking Time to Discover the Timelessness.


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