Earthflower Spirituality

All Roads, Takes One Home✨

The Path of BhaktiYoga, is one of the Spiritual Sadhana’s, that became I, and Sri. Moojiji and Ram Dass Pointings greatly helped I, as this practice takes one Home, into the Heart of the Beloved.

As, Bhakti Yoga is the practice of Devotion to the Highest Almighty, which is in Truth, the Formless as the Nameless, yet on Earth one has various names as images, for the Absolute Self, such as, God, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Allah, Jah, and Elohim, just to name a few.

Because, most people still see life as forms, so the Higher Self will reveal itself to them, as an image of a form, so they are able to see and feel that the Supreme does exist.

Yet, even Spirit seen as an Image is Unreal, as Source, is beyond Image, as Pure Nothingness, as so it can only imagine itself as Form.

So, Devotees, such as Yeshua, Siddhartha, Mohammed, Ramana Maharshi, Mary Magdelene, Anandamayi Ma, devoted their lives on Consciousness Truth, they were Truth Seekers, seeking the Highest Truth within their own raw, authentic as unique path.

They didn’t create Religion, as Yeshua didn’t create Christianity, no he Discovered Christ Consciousness, Siddhartha didn’t create Buddhism, no he Discovered Buddha Consciousness, Mohammed didn’t create Islam, no he Discovered Allah Consciousness, Ramana Maharshi didn’t create Hinduism, no he Discovered Krishna Consciousness.

Others did, through Consciousness, for Truth Not to be Hidden, however many scriptures, as verses were changed, and are now used by some, for greed, explotation, war and mischief !

As The Chosen Ones, Discovered their Immortality through An Inward Recognition of the Self, that they are not forms, race, cultures, believes, concepts, ideas, theories, experiences, neither thoughts, but that they are Consciousness expressing a Temporarily human life, that All is the Eternal Consciousness.

They Transcended the individual, to Remain as Presence, to express as I AM, as One Consciousness Truth.

They all walked on Earth as human beings, so they felt pain, suffering, joy, hate, as love, the darkness as the light, to Discover the Highest as the only Consistent Truth, which is the Absolute Self.

So All Roads, Takes One Home.


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