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Pure Christ Consciousness✨

Who is Mary Magdalene ?

Many believe, that she was a “Whore or Prostitute” Yet, this is Completely False !

As these are the False Rumors that were placed unto her from the judgements of others.

Yet, She was a Misfits, a Rebel, a Truth Seeker, as a devotee of Christ, such as Yeshua, Peter, John, Paul, and the rest, they were all Seeking the Meaning of Life, which is Christ Consciousness, so they sat in many Satsangs together, to Awaken from the Dream.

They are the Enlightened Souls, as The Chosen Ones, yet they were and still is at times, falsely hated and accused by some, as they are confused by the words that were expressed, yet one must understand them as Presence, as many verses are described metaphorically, and most were also changed by the Vatican, to control, by asking money to “repel ones sins”, which created fears and doubts towards God, others as Ones Path.

As Some believe, it is blasphemy, because Christ said, that he is the Son of God, as the Chosen One, which is True, as is Everyone Else, as we are all Christ Consciousness, as I AM is, One Consciousness, and it is the creation, as “the son” of God.

As Yeshua, had to Awaken from the illusionary Play of the Lila, as the Absolute Self, to be able to Express this, as I AM.

He Spoke of I AM, as Christ said, meaning, The Awakened Yeshua, that remains as Christ says, before Abraham, I AM, which means, before Abraham, I exist, as I AM means, I as Christ Consciousness exist.

So Christ Consciousness is always here, before and after any Temporarily role or play !

They are the Chosen Ones, as their Immortality of the Absolute Self, as I AM, will never cease to exist, which is Christ Consciousness, as Awareness.

Now, 2000 years ago, for them to say those words out loud, another surely saw them as Misfits, so he had to die on that cross to reveal its true Essence which is, Eternal Life, as I AM, is always here, as Pure Christ Consciousness.

Afterwards, he Resurrected as Spirit, which is our True Nature, as to Reveal that all of us, will Remain, as the Essence of Eternal Life, as, Spirit is the same, as Christ Consciousness.

One Consciousness,

One Love,

One Eternal Life.



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