Earthflower Spirituality

The Awareness is the Highest as the Consistent Truth👁

The Absolute Self, The Source, is Pure Nothingness, it is in Truth, The Nameless, yet it is also called the Awareness, which the Highest as The Consistent Truth.

Because, it is always here, it is the Stillness that Appears as the Movements, it is the One that always Sees the Unfolding of Life, and Remains Untouched.

Awareness, another name for, Timelessness, projects the illusion of Time, which is the Temporarily Play of the Maya, the illusionary Dream, this is Life, and also Christ Consciousness.

Earth is a Matrix, as it is seen through the Eyes of the Awareness, as the Play of the Opposite of Polarities.

Now, we are not the Form, neither Roles, nor Identity, as not even Humans, because, ideas, believes, concepts and theories are created via our upbringing, experiences, educations, culture programmings, and environments, and all these are just temporarily believes created by the Limited Mind Identifications.

The Term Human Being was created on Earth, it is like we are trying to be “human” rather than remaining as Being, because the truth is we are Consciousness experiencing and expressing a Temporarily human life !

Being is also another name for Consciousness, as matter does not even exist, science has already proven this, so Quantum Physics, is the same as Spirit Science !

So we know Science, so let’s dwell deeper into Spirit.

So, The Consciousness Energy, which is also the Universe, is the Higher Vibrational Expressions of Life, this is Heart, Soul, Light, Spirit, Love, Peace, Sensuality, Strength, Being, Presence, Giving as Receiving, Abundance, Acceptance, Fearless, Wisdom, Trust, Compassion, Now, Universality, Power, Forgiveness, Limitless, Discernment, Faith, Freedom, Truth, Understanding, and Grace.

Now, Consciousness itself projects the energy of Unconsciousness, these are the Lower Vibrational Expressions of Life, this is the Ego Mind, which is Hate, Anger, Revenge, Fears, Doubts, Identity, Person, Darkness, Ignorance, Arrogance, Duality, Separation, Sufferings, Imitations, Limitations, Intimidations, Manipulations, Greed, Expectations, Judgements, Guilt, Shame, Pride, Possessiveness, Lies, and Pretentiousness.

Consciousness, Heart, Spirit or Soul, is the same, it Incarnates and reincarnates on unlimited planes as dimensions, until it discovers Home.

Yet Incarnations as Reincarnations, is just a mere projection, from the Eyes of the Awareness, it is not that we are entering in and out of a play, it is One Awareness Projecting an Eternal Play of the many, yet It is also imagining itself, to be a participant within and as the Consciousness play, yet Paradoxically it always remains Detached from the Play, as the Awareness.

So, Home is not a Destination, Home is exactly where One is, as the Omni-Presence and even Beyond this, as the Awareness.

Home is Self Recognition, its the realization that the “Seeker” was always illusionary, as in Truth, Only the Awareness Self, is True, so One is always the Awareness, so One Recognizes that it is always Home.

Now, If it can happen to I, It can happen to You to, as I & I, is One.

It is only the Believe of being a Seeker, which is also an individual that seeks truth or home, or that is walking itself home, that creates the Temporarily thoughts as sensations of “feeling lost and not at home”. As thoughts, concepts, ideas, believes, and theories believed in creates Ones Psychological Mind, as so Ones Identity as reactions and actions, which is of a person.

As the Egoic Dualistic Mind, creates the Temporarily Identity, as its Self Image, or its Limited Human, as all these are just believes, so Mind has to be Transcended into its Original True Nature, which is its Universal Heart, Being, Spirit, Soul, or its Consciousness Limitless Self, to Remain as the Expressions of Universality.

But, First one has to discern what is deriving from the Unconsciousness, to expose the Ego Mind, as to metaphorically die as the identity or the caterpillar that crawls as life, so That One remains, as Consciousness, which is the Butterfly, That Flows as Life.

Afterwards, The Awareness itself, Transcends the play of the butterfly, “the individuality play of soul, spirit, heart or consciousness”, to Remain as the Unborn, The Awareness itself.

The Eyeless that SeeS Everything, but that can Never be Seen.

As, The I Self,



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