Earthflower Spirituality

Instead of striving for Equality, I Say, Let’s BE ONE💚

Instead of striving for Equality,

I Say, Let’s BE ONE.

So Use Ones Time to Discover Ones Timelessness !

As we are all shifting from the Age of Pisces which is the Vibrations of Separation, and we are Entering the Age of Aquarius, this is the Golden Age for the Vibrations of Universality !

It the Rise of The Consciousness Vibrations !

The Transcendence from Person, that mainly has the limited believe that it is a form, as men or woman, into its Limitless Presence Self, which is the Inner Discovery that I am not a form, nor role, believes, Culture Programmings neither a gender, that I am Consciousness, which is Free from all these Mind Conditions !

It is the Transcendence of the Mind Believe that we are matter, into the Direct Discovery, that matter does not exist, as in Truth we are Energy Beings which is Consciousness.

It is the Transcendence from Equality into Oneness, as Equality means me and you are Equal Peers, yet Oneness means, I and I are the Same, which is One Consciousness !

It is the Transcendence from Linear Time into Timelessness, as the Believe of clock time, age, numbers, stages, and cycles, are illusionary concepts, ideas as theories, which is created by Mind, and can only be used to express, experience and interact within this Earthly Life, yet Timeless, is the Direct Discovery that I am Eternal Life, and even Beyond Eternity, as Pure Nothingness.

It is the Transcendence from Intellectual Knowing, which derives from reading books, articles and seeing documentaries, lectures or vlogs, into Direct Experiences, as Inner Discoveries and Revelations are from the Awareness Self.

It is the Transcendence from the Overpower Masculine energy into the Divine Feminine Energy, as the Masculine energy is mostly Dominating this Planet, yet the Divinity of Femininity energy will rise within the Transcendence of the Egoic Mind into Heart, to Remain as the Balanced Energies of the Yin and the Yang, this is the Shakti and The Shiva Consciousness !

So, I Honor The Rise of the Femininity Expressions on Earth, within all Temporarily forms males and females, expressing this Maha Shakti !

I Love You All.


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