Earthflower Spirituality

To Stand as Consciousness Truth, I had to AWAKEN AS THE ABSOLUTE SELF🌺

The Absolute Self Projects Consciousness.

Now, Consciousness created a Temporarily Projection, which is the Unconsciousness.

The Projection itself is a Destined One,

as all is already Pre-Ordained by the Creator of it all, The Immortal, which the Absolute Self.

As The Highest Almighty is Beyond matter as even energy, it is the Pure Empty Space of the Self, because it’s Essence is beyond the Facade of Duality, as so it’s Power is so Grandiose, that itself is Able to project Life.

Life can only be a persistent illusion, because something beyond Magnificent can only create an illusion of being less than what it truly is, a diamond can only hide its shine by fantasizing to be something it is not, and so The Self projected a Temporarily, yet Divine Dream.

On this Earthly Dimension, One projects the Heart or the Ego Mind Projections.

Thoughts, Sensations, Emotions and Feelings are always Innocent as the play of Maya, it is only the Believe in them that creates ones own Experiences as Expressions.

Believes comes are from Mind, Inner Knowing, are intuitions and it derives from Heart.

The Ego Mind is The Unconsciousness Projections, if believed in, one has identified with its Limited Egoic Thoughts, by doing so one becomes Personal, and this one sees life, through the Eyes of judgement, it sees experiences, as expressions as high, low, good, bad and so forth, instead of it just is, and I needed to Awaken from it, as Ego mind lives within a State of Victimhood.

The Heart is the Consciousness Projections, if one Flows from Heart, which is impersonal, One Moves, Acts, and Reacts, Spontaneously, Intuitively and within the Synchronicity of Life’s Unfolding, as One sees all through the Eyes of Discernment, here all of Life is just an expression, so one just Be and Feels, as Consciousness.

Consciousness Revelations are Ones Inherited Psychic Abilities, these inner nudges reveals One Truth !

So, to be Able to Stand as Consciousness Truth, I had to AWAKEN AS THE ABSOLUTE SELF !

As I Stand for Justice, Freedom, Honesty, Love, Power, Strength, Peace, Wisdom, Compassion, Forgiveness, Grace, Liberty, and Oneness !

As so, I am the Flow of Universality.


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