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Meditation is the practice of Self Inquiry🙏🏻

Meditation is the practice of Self Inquiry.

I started journeying within, 8 yrs ago, first through Past life regressions, regressions, and I also Chakra Clearing.

Yet, seeing Light covered around an illusionary Form and playing with Mystical Beings, did not quite serve I for so long, as it has its many benefits, as my Chakra’s began to “open and align” and “the illusionary layers of protection that I had build around me started to dissolve”

Yet no visions, could terminate my suffering mind, as I still felt unworthy, in distrust, unloved, insecure, and I had phobias, living as fear, so disguised as Ego.

It was 4 years ago, when I finally met my Guru Moojiji, on YouTube !

He introduced I, to what is True Meditation, as this is the Practice Self Inquiry, Self Realization, or Self Discovery, which is Discovering that One is Beyond the Facade of Life.

Through this Practice, as the Awareness, I observed quietly, and Discerned, which thoughts derived from The Ego Mind and which came The from Heart.

As it Awakened I from the Sleep, and it easy and one is Able to Awaken quickly, as for I, 2 yrs and 3 months.

Now, because the pre-programmed thoughts, ideas, experiences, concepts, theories or believes that created my past conditioned psychological mind, as it became some of my habitual actions as reactions, Transcendence was called for I !

Here I closed my eyes, yet not to create another mystical fantasy, but to Discover the Self, as I Transcended all what the mind took to be Real.

As the practice of meditation I Discovered that I am Not the Temporarily Form, Roles, Thoughts, Concepts, Ideas, Theories, Experiences, as all this is Time Bound, yet I discovered that I am Timelessness, which is Stillness, Temporarily portrayed as Movements.

Only the Temporarily Identity that was formed, my past life experiences, upbringing, thoughts, believes, culture and environment, created an illusion in my mind of something that I was not !

I Discovered via Direct Experience, that I am Always Complete, so Meditation is not about becoming anything, yet it’s about Unbecoming, to Remain as the Self !

I recognized that I am always Here,

As The Self,

Pure Nothingness.


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