Earthflower Spirituality

Express as the Highest Self👁

We are all Aliens, Incarnated as Temporarily Visitors on a Planet Called Earth, which is a Divine Projection of the Absolute Self.

It is a Divine Dream, which is named the Maya or the Lila.

Yet, Ones True Nature is of the Eternal Self, as Earth is just one of the many schools on the various dimensions as planes.

One is Not a, Species, neither an Entity, and one has No Identity, as all is One Consciousness.

It is only the habit with the identifications with the thoughts, that creates a Pre-Programmed Egoic Mind.

This is mainly created via our upbringing, educations, experiences, environment, culture, and even inner visions, all this forms the basis of Ones, ideas, concepts, believes, and theories, this is the Dream itself.

It is the expressions of the Flower of Life, but not entirely the Consistent Truth of who One is.

As when One Incarnates on this Earthly School, One forgets who One is, however, all Temporarily Roles are masterfully Chosen to Awaken One from the Dream.

Which is to be able to Fully Awaken from the Mortality Sleep, the Dream, The Matrix, The Maya, to Remain Immortal.

This is only by Deprogramming the Psychological Dualistic Mind, it’s concepts, ideas, believes and theories of heaven and hell, of birth, dead and rebirth, of good and bad, of pure and impure of high and low, of masculinity and femininity, of separation and Oneness, of Sleep and Awaken, and so on and so fort.

It is The Transcendence of Person into Consciousness, As in Truth, as Life on Earth, One is the Fullness of Life, itself, as One is Consciousness, which is also another name for Spirit as Soul.

Yet, Paradoxically, One is Unborn, as the Nameless and One is Pure Nothingness.

As here the illusionary Butterfly, which is Consciousness, Transcends into the Absolute Self, and remains as The Awareness.

When one Incarnates and forms the Believe that it is an Identity, will One Limit itself, as an Identity.

So the Limited Self, has to be Transcended as the Limitless Self.

So Discover, this Ultimate Highest Truth,

To Express as the Highest Self,

This is Ones Truest Home.

It Starts Within✨


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