Earthflower Spirituality

The Purity of Shakti✨

Burning Down the Pollutions !

To all that has slaughter, the Name of Consciousness,

Beyond the Maya,

I Remain Untouchable !

Now, that Blind Fuck has created a False Clinical Doc that I have a sexual transmitted disease !

MotherFuckers be a Real !

Wake Up Sleeper, I haven’t had Sex in almost 3 years ! Get the Fuck Away !

Move on Sleepers, Find another bed to Lay on and Awake Yourself ‘

I am The Goddess of Truth,

The Purity of Shakti,

The Controversial Sage !

I have NEVER EVER Had a Sexual transmitted Disease, and No gonnorhea, No syphilis, and No Aids either, or NON OTHER, yet nothing wrong nor good with that, it just is a Temporarily bodily disease, so Always apart from the Real One !

Next, to that he created false WhatsApp messages that I am obsessive to see or talk to that LOSER, Monkey’s what you see, you do !

Please Wake Up Sheeps !

I’ve said plenty of times, that Guy has a narcissistic energy, he is envious, hateful, jealous, obsessed, Attached, to all that I AM,

So he wants No man to touch this temple, hahaha, like that fool is Able to Own I, the Universe owns I !

You think, I Would need to Beg a Womanizer ? Hahahaha soo much Laughter.

I am Not a Beggar for Love Darlings, I am the ESSENCE of LOVE !

Btw I never had a Fling with ANY WOMAN, So, Yups flattered Beauties, but Nopes sorry ladies, I fall for Men, yet I love the feminine Goddess Expression, as One !

Now, I suggest You Go Transcend Your Own False Rumors Spreading and False Rumor Egoic Believes, which are the Low Vibrational tendencies, just to make yourself look better, stop discussing people, only SMALL minds to that !

Get a Fucking Life, and PLEASE Search Within !

Now, I have to keep Exposing all of your Ego’s, To be Able to Stand as Consciousness as The Absolute Truth.

Big HEARTS expose the Ego Mind to Remain as The a Self.

Judgement derives from EGO, Discerning derives from HEART.

I Discern my Self Now I am able to speak as the Controversial Sage, The Goddess of Truth !

Search Within, stop helping others when Yourself needs help as in Awakening !

Don’t take I Personally, I Discern Freely, yet without any Judgement !

We are One❤️


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