Earthflower Spirituality

Beyond the Brahman, as The Self🦉

The Absolute Self, which is Pure Nothingness,

It’s Vastness Projects Consciousness, which consists of Endless Planes as Dimensions, an illusion, a play named the Maya, or the Lila.

Om, is the Sound of this Earthly Existence.

As Earth is only one of the Temporarily Limitless Planes and Dimensions projected by, through and as Consciousness, itself.

The projections of Consciousness as Earth, is A Matrix Projection, it is like Consciousness is Able to participate in its own Divine Creation, yet in Truth it is always beyond the play as the Awareness, itself.

The Consciousness Projection as Earth is a Dualistic One, as the Experiences as the Expressions of The Opposite of Polarities.

Here Consciousness creates its own Temporarily Fantasy, The Unconsciousness, which is The Ego Mind, it is a Dance between the The Yin and The Yang.

On this Earthly Dimension, One is Expressing and Experiencing both sides of the Dance, the Light as the Darkness, Masculine as Feminine, High as Low, Good as Bad, Heaven as Hell, Duality as Universality.

Because, One Incarnates and Reincarnates on this Unique Planet, In Total Oblivious into the Truth of who One is, to be able to experience Life fully, Life is who one truly is which is also another name for Consciousness.

First one Experiences the human being life, which is the walk to heart, so One lives life mostly identified with the Mind, so in separation from the Universe, heart, spirit, soul, which is also another name for Consciousness.

When one is no longer able to contain Ones Own Sufferings that derives from the Mind, and Ones own pain that comes from the body, one is at a pinnacle divine moment, to be able to Transcend the Person, which is the Untruth into the Truth as The Presence Self.

Presence is also another name for Consciousness, itself Transcends it’s limited person, which is also Ego Mind, into its Original Self which is Heart as Consciousness.

Even when Consciousness can no longer yield Eternal Satisfaction as itself, The Absolute, itself Transcends it’s Temporarily creation, called Consciousness, which is everything, into its True Pure Nothingness.

Beyond the Brahman,

As The Self.


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