Earthflower Poetry

The Wisdom of The Immortals👽

I Feel the Rain, Pouring Limitless, Love on I. My InnerChild, Is Dancing as I. I am a Child of the Universe, Wickedly Seductive. I am a Seed of the Stars, Divinely Bright. As I Radiate, A Halo Effect onto All. I am the Creation of Pure Magic, I Flow as StarDusts, I am the…… Continue reading The Wisdom of The Immortals👽

Earthflower Spirituality

The Lover that Sees Us as Magic✨

My Beautiful Souls, After years of being Lied at and Temporarily Manipulated, by a Mirror ! I decided not to have a Mirror relationship any Longer, with that Mirror, after he created a groupie, to spread false rumors about me, and to daily spam all my accounts ! After he met with several people, that…… Continue reading The Lover that Sees Us as Magic✨

Earthflower Spirituality

Jah Children’s👽

So why is it crucial that the Social Media Companies to regularly, wipe clean the Fake Accounts ? So, If one person reports a account as Spam, this account will immediately Vanish ! However, the way these Kid Reports Ones Accounts, is the following. So, if they see whatever posts of yours that their Egoic…… Continue reading Jah Children’s👽

Earthflower Spirituality

“One Love, One Heart, Lets Get Together, and Feel Alright”

“One Love, One Heart, Lets Get Together, and Feel Alright, Give Thanks and Praise to the Lord, and you’re Gonna Feel Alright” One Love and One Heart is One Consciousness, As Consciousness is Love and Heart is also Consciousness ! We are not our Form, Race, Culture, Religion, Believes, Ideas, neither our Concepts. We are…… Continue reading “One Love, One Heart, Lets Get Together, and Feel Alright”