Earthflower Spirituality

New Wave💙

Be the Space of your Inner Self,

Where there is no Sense of Worries,

Take your Shoes Off,

Throw your Hair Down,

Run Barefoot,

Into Nature,

Be One with its Careless Motion,

Pacha Mama is Ones Perfume,

Joy is Ones Spirit,

Peace is Ones Radiance,

Freedom is Ones Expression,

Put the Dopest Music on Play,

You are the Song of Consciousness,

Expressing itself as a Dance,

So Dance Like No One is There,

Create Your Own Magical Stage,

As You are the Muse of The Universe,

Expressing itself as You.

As For I, Music is my Refuge,

I haven’t Gone Clubbing for over 2 years,

As Solitude Transcended I,

Into a Dancing Queen,

The Maha Shakti is Expressed as I,

Shiva comes to play Too,

As The Yin and The Yang,

Is the Essence of who I AM,

I am the Flow of Earthflower Yoga,

Flowing to Thrilling Tunes,

As Sensuality is my Drift,

I am Slowing Drifting Away,

As this New Wave,

Not One Single Fuck is Given,


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