Earthflower Spirituality

The Controversial Sage✨

Be the Sun,

Never Dim your Light, and

Never Ever Hide your Shine !

Because, Even if others have ill intentions set on you, only you have the Power to bring you Down.

So Always Put your Foot Down and Escape that Self Imprisonment !

Burn the Delusions, In order to Awaken from the Sleep !

As some Untruths must be Told, for others to be able to Transform.

So Always Protect Your Magic, even if others have Vain Intentions or Entitlement issues, as to pretend not to know you !

As they are fake, and within a masquerade show, so they pretend to be something they are not !

So Forgive them, as they are not able to see you yet !

Just Show them, how Consciousness, has no Fear to Speak it’s Heart out !

So Get Up and Stand Up as the Justice of Consciousness !

It is totally different from the Justice of the Ego mind, this one plays the victim role, the vanity role, the shameful role, the doubtful role, the gossip role, the judgers role, the critics role, the fearful role, the ignorant role, and the arrogant role !

So Rise for Change, as Change !

As, The Awakened Being has no more Roles, it says what needs to be said, it acts as reacts intuitively, spontaneously, and responsible, it doesn’t hide its feelings, as these are just feelings, and it doesn’t take itself as no other personally, because it Flows, as the wind Blows !

Always within the direction of Freedom, as Freedom itself !

Freedom is not a state of mind, it is the Essence of Spirit, as the Love of Consciousness !

Only a Speaker of Truth Stands Fearlessly in-front of Adversity,

As it has Transcended all Roles, into the Beacon of Consciousness,

It stands as the Truth of Consciousness, as A MIRROR TO ALL !

Of-Course, You cannot Understand what you have no Direct Experiences with !

I get it my Darlings, however don’t be Personal, don’t Hate, Judge, Assume, be Envious, Ignorant, Arrogant, Vain, Shallow, Jealous, don’t Gossip, Criticize, Create and Believe False Rumors, or Copy Cat, what you Cannot Understand !

You Look Dumb and Stupid !

I have Discerned what derives from Mind and Heart,

To Freely Speak Truth,


I’ll be Always Laughing, Like a Clown”

As, The Controversial Sage.


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